Aberdeen South

Dame Anne has been the MP for Aberdeen South since 1997. The constituency has an electorate of just under 70,000, includes the harbour, train station and Union Street.

Union Terrace Gardens

Anne is opposed to the proposed development of Union Terrace Gardens and has been since before the 2012 referendum in Aberdeen. Anne is also unconvinced by the referendum result and maintains the view that the financial risk of the project outweighs the proposed benefits of the scheme. She supports her colleagues in Aberdeen City Council who are also against the City Garden Project.

Union Terrace Gardens
Union Terrace Gardens


Anne wrote to Aberdeen City Council after a recent surge of vandalism on Tullos Primary School in her constituency and pushed for more CCTV to be installed to help crack down on the attacks.

Dame Anne said: “The vandalism to the nursery unit was not only disruptive to those children who attend the nursery but also disrupted the education of those pupils whose classrooms had to be used to accommodate the nursery classes. I understand this spot had been targeted previously and the cost of repairing the damage could have been avoided by taking action earlier. I do hope there will be no more disruption to the pupils.”

Cash for cans appeal

Aberdeen College Student Association, Dame Anne Begg and Door Drop Distribution helped launch the Cash for Cans appeal which aimed to raise £1 million to buy a minibus for local charity “Future Choices’ which helps disabled people in Aberdeen.

Anne said: “Transport can be one of the biggest barriers preventing disabled people participating in social activities.

“It can also put a strain on the day-to-day running costs of many charities so I am delighted to be supporting Future Choices.”

The charity has now succeeded with its campaign and has managed to buy a minibus. Dame Anne Begg MP unveiled the new minibus in June.

Dame Anne congratulates the charity on their hard work

School closures

Dame Anne, who is a former teacher, has consistently opposed proposed school closures within Aberdeen over the past few years. In 2010, she protested against council cuts in a march down Union Street.

Welfare – Housing Benefit Reform

Dame Anne warned that welfare reforms could mean that thousands of people in the city would need to be rehoused.

After a debate on the government’s Welfare Reform Bill, Dame Anne said: “Their benefit will be reduced. They will not have the income needed to make up the deficit and they will not be able to find accommodation of the size they are entitled to.

“Most of those who will be affected have no idea yet that this is going to hit them.”

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