Below are examples of recent press coverage of Dame Anne for both her role representing Aberdeen South and as Chair of the Work and Pensions Select Committee.

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Anne has commented widely on the state of the UK economy on many occasions in Parliament:

“With a recession made in Downing Street, and more data showing a widening north-south divide, it’s clear that David Cameron and George Osborne’s plan has failed. The Tory-led Government needs to change course and do more to get the economy and lenders working for business and families.” – Mirror, 5th June 2012


Anne has campaigned frequently and supported many charities on the subject of equality and disability rights.

“A lot of the changes being made by this Government seem to be particularly harsh on disabled people. And the people who are getting hit the hardest are those who have worked all their lives.” – Daily Record, 31st May 2012

“The government’s aim of helping benefit claimants back in to work is laudable, but the scale of the challenge should not be underestimated and nor should the level of anxiety which surrounds the process.” – Guardian, 26th July 2011

Work and Pensions

Anne commentates on the state of welfare and how it impacts ordinary families.

“This could be the first time in welfare history in this country that the country will impose a sanction on someone who has done everything required when it comes to looking for work.” – The Guardian, 18th November 2010

Welfare reform

Anne’s role as Chair of the Work and Pensions select committee means that she has been very active in the government’s proposed welfare reforms.

“We don’t know what they mean by welfare reform because all that has been announced so far is cuts. And cuts to welfare is not welfare reform” – Disability Now, June 2012

Disability Benefits

Dame Anne constantly campaigns for fairer rights and greater opportunities for disabled people in society.

“There is a risk that people with serious disabilities and health conditions will lose the money they rely on to meet the additional costs incurred as a result of their disability – costs such as maintaining wheelchairs, using specially adapted cars, or paying for help to ensure they can live independently.” – BBC News, 19th February 2012


Anne has always opposed any replacement of Trident.

“My views on this issue are very straightforward. I will not provide my support for any replacement for Trident, but rather will continue to lobby and make it known that my vision is that of a world free from nuclear weapons.” – The Herald, 29th April 2010

Pay Day Loans

Dame Anne has campaigned against ‘Pay Day Loans’ which have the potential to cause serious financial problem if not capped by the Government.

“Charging such huge interest rates should be curtailed. When people see these advertisements it looks so easy to get instant cash but it can be devastating in the long term.” – Evening Express, 12th December 2011

Dame Anne has also backed a Early Day Motion in Parliament: “End legal loan sharking: cap the total cost of credit”

“With Christmas approaching, residents in Aberdeen South are likely to come under increased financial pressure and many will be considering taking out high-cost, short-term loans.”

“I am determined that they should be protected from exploitation by the high-cost credit sector – that’s why I’m signing a petition calling on the government to introduce caps on the cost of credit before Christmas, and urging people in Aberdeen South to do the same.


Dame Anne has been a champion for equalities and was received an award of Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) in the 2011 New Year Honours for services to disabled people and to equal opportunities.