Cash for Cans Appeal

Dame Anne Begg, MP for Aberdeen South, was pleased to launch Future Choice’s ‘Cash for Cans’ Appeal at Aberdeen College.

Future Choices is a local charity which helps promote social inclusion for disabled people across the city through a number of activities.

David Forbes, Treasurer for the charity, has started a new initiative called ‘Cash for Cans’ which asks members of the public to donate their empty/undamaged drink cans to the charity. The charity then exchanges the cans for cash. He hopes that the money raised will allow them to purchase a disabled friendly mini bus.

Dame Anne said: “Transport can be one of the biggest barriers preventing disabled people in participating in social activities and providing such transport can put a huge strain on the day to day running costs of many charities. I am delighted to be helping Future Choices launch this new initiative which will hopefully go some way to promoting increased social inclusion across the city.”

The appeal is also being supported by Aberdeen College Student Association and local distribution company Door Drop Distribution. Anyone wishing to help should contact David Forbes on 07821 700046 or search for Aberdeen Charity on Facebook.