Supporting World Water Day

This year I will be marking World Water Day by putting my support behind international charity WaterAid’s Water Works campaign.

Living in Aberdeen South a ready supply of safe water is a necessity that we are lucky enough to take for granted. Preventable diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation are the biggest killer of children in Africa, and illness and hours spent collecting water from distant sources keep children out of school and prevent adults from earning a living. Safe water and sanitation transform lives, improve health and lifts communities out of poverty.

Earlier this month we learnt that the world has met a really important target in the fight to improve water access – the UN’s Millennium Development Goal on Water. This is welcome news, showing that aid is working and that we are making steps toward eradicating poverty.

However, there is still a long way to go to ensure that everyone has access to safe water. 783 million people are still without even basic water services and progress towards the UN’s target for proper sanitation is far too slow – it will currently take around 350 years for everyone in Africa to have access to adequate sanitation. Not having these essential services traps people in a cycle of poverty, so we in the UK and other countries need to concentrate our efforts on bringing water and sanitation to all.

This World Water Day, I am proud to support international charity WaterAid’s campaign, Water Works. Campaigns like this one really do save lives and that’s why I have been supporting this cost for the past twenty years. Therefore, I want to highlight the life changing impact of safe water and sanitation ahead of the vital High Level Meeting on water and sanitation that is happening in Washington DC next month. The UK Government is critical to the success of this meeting and our Secretary of State for International Development, Andrew Mitchell, plans to attend.

You too can put your support towards this campaign at