Raising Awareness of Type 1 Diabetes

Dame Anne Meets Lucy Logan and Sophie LawsonDame Anne Begg MP met with two school pupils from Aberdeen South, Lucy Logan and Sophie Lawson, ahead of their visit to Westminster to lobby MPs for increased investment in medical research to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes.

Unfortunately, Dame Anne will not be able to meet them in Westminster as she is still in hospital so Lucy and Sophie took the opportunity to lobby Anne in hospital. They presented to her scrapbooks detailing their experiences of type 1 diabetes and explained to Anne how they manage their conditions.

Dame Anne said: “The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) have organised the Type 1 Parliament visit to raise awareness about how difficult life can be for young people with type 1 diabetes. In meeting Lucy and Sophie, it’s remarkable to learn how complex it is to manage the condition but it also remarkable to hear how they do handle it. They are both extremely knowledgeable about type 1 diabetes and the steps they have to take to stay healthy.”

Lucy who is aged 11 and attends Mile End Primary School explained to Anne the importance of increasing Government investment in the research of type 1 diabetes. She said: “I would like to see a cure because there are some jobs that people with diabetes cannot do. For example, people with type 1 diabetes cannot be pilots or air stewards.”

Lucy has an insulin pump to manage her condition which prevents overdoses of insulin. However, Sophie does not have one. She said: “Pumps are important for those sufferers who can’t control their condition with injections. We know that the NHS have pumps but they need money to train staff on how to work them.”

Sophie also said: “I would like to see a cure. I want to get my childhood back and be able to do what my friends can do.”

Sophie shows Anne how she monitors her insulin levels