Kincorth Academy asks World Leaders to “Send my Friend to School”


Today Dame Anne Begg MP wrote to the Prime Minster, David Cameron MP, after receiving a number of colourful medals from S1 and S2 pupils at Kincorth Academy highlighting the issue of access to education for children across the world through the “Send my Friend to School” campaign.

Dame Anne is pleased to be able to display the work in her office and the vibrant medals will draw the attention of visitors to the problems experienced by children across the world in accessing education. The ‘Send my Friend to School’ campaign chose the theme of medals to tie in with the Olympics highlighting that whilst not all of us are world classed athletes, the race to ensure that all children can attend school by 2015 is one we can all take part in.

Therefore, Dame Anne has written to the Prime Minster to ask that he take action to ensure that all children have access to education by 2015. With 67 million children still denied access to education, pressure on world leaders needs to be maintained to ensure that this goal is met by 2015.