Access to Training and Employment AGM

Dame Anne has attended the AGM of Access to Training and Employment, a local voluntary organisation which creates opportunities for people with disabilities.

The charity presently runs three projects:

  • Crafty Things which makes high quality Tartan and Tweed goods. The signature product of Crafty Things is Scottie Dog cushions but they also create handbags and corsages.
  • Cafe Cairncry is a weekly cafe run by a group of young people with disabilities, based in a local community centre. Cafe Cairncry provides a healthy nutritious meal for local people, including senior citizens
  • Neat Ideas is a card making group which produces handmade and computer generated cards.

The speaker at the AGM was be Dave Simmers, Director of Community Foods Initiatives in the North East. Dave Simmers is keen to promote the model of Social Business in which both community needs and business come together. Social Businesses provide meaningful work for a variety of people who otherwise would be challenged getting into the job market and also provide a service for the community.

Dame Anne Begg MP, the charity’s patron, gave a short talk on her work in relation to disability issues in Parliament. Dame Anne Begg MP stated: “Disabled People are being affected in a variety of ways by the coalition Government’s Welfare Reform and some of the changes will limit their ability to participate in activities. I am hoping to get feedback on the impact the reforms have already had.”

Mhairi Hay, Co Chair said “We want to see more happening for people with disabilities in the Aberdeen area and we are doing our bit to help make this happen.”

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