Universal Credit, committee evidence and Paralympics changing attitudes

Universal Credit evidence 

Dame Anne, Chair of the Work and Pensions Select Committee, appeared on BBC Radio 4’s ‘The World this Weekend’ today on the introduction of the Universal Credit. You can listen again to the programme on BBC iPlayer.

The written evidence to the select committee is now also available on-line from 74 organisations.

At 9mins 45 secs on this player:

Paralympics changing attitudes

Dame Anne is in today’s Sunday Herald (and on BBC News) discussing the changing attitudes to disabled people due to the Paralympic Games:

“There has been a change in attitudes to disabled people. I think that Channel 4 has done a great job in busting some of the myths about disability and empowering people to talk about it. It has managed to mainstream the Paralympics. The public have been able to talk about disability without getting tongue-tied.

In terms of any far-reaching legacy, I’m not sure. It’s been great to see disabled presenters on television, but my fear is they will be returned to the ghetto outside the mainstream and that in the medium to longer term positive effects will fade. And, more generally, I worry that those who aren’t able to be elite athletes will have an even harder time now that everyone knows disabled people can do these incredible things. In the backdrop are benefits cuts. Some of these athletes will not qualify for the new PIP, which replaces Disability Living Allowance. They became elite athletes because of the support that they’ve been given through the benefits system, particularly DLA. But I think the glow of the Paralympics will be there for a few months.”