Aberdeen South youngsters face unemployment as price for this government’s economic failure

Young people in Aberdeen South are paying the price for this government’s economic failure as long term youth unemployment in our area continues to sky rocket

Unemployment figures released today have shown that the number of young people claiming Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) long term has increased by 500% in Aberdeen South in the past twelve months.

Commenting on today’s unemployment figures, Aberdeen South MP Dame Anne Begg said:

“Today’s unemployment figure offer no let up for young people in Aberdeen South who are still paying the price for this Government’s economic failure.

“When I was elected in 1997, the real issue was not just youth unemployment but long term youth unemployment and it is clear that this is becoming an issue again.

“It is known that the longer there is a delay in a person getting their first job, the harder it is for them to not only find work but also to find a job with promising career opportunities. Long term youth unemployment, therefore, can have a devastating impact on the life chances of an individual.

“It is also particularly concerning that we have seen an increase of 500% in the past year in Aberdeen where unemployment is low and we have an expanding economy.

“This Government has got to wake up to this crisis and take action now. It is clear that any employability help for young people needs to focus on supporting the long term unemployed into work. That’s why they should start with Labour’s Real Jobs Guarantee and get our young people back to work.”