Dame Anne Begg MP, hears Cafe Au Cash’s money saving ideas.

Cafe Au Cash pitched their money saving campaign to Dame Anne Begg, MP for Aberdeen South.

Cafe au cash

Cafe au cash is a team of 3 students from Aberdeen College who are aiming to help improve money management throughout Aberdeen.

Leona Bain from the Cafe au Cash team said “We feel that people spend a lot more money on coffee chains than they may realise. After some research we discovered that coffee chains offer their drinks at a discounted rate if people take their own cup to the shop. Our desire is to inform as many people as we can about the money you can save by taking your own cups and by taking your own drinks rather than buying from coffee chains. ”

Cafe au cash secured £200 for their idea from Money for Life challenge, they will be handing out leaflets in streets across Aberdeen and wearing branded t shirts to help raise awareness.

Dame Anne Begg MP said “It was great to hear from Cafe Au cash about their money saving idea.  I didn’t realise my self that taking your own cup into a coffee shop helps saves money, and this is a great way to raise awareness. Buying a coffee every day soon adds up to hundreds of pounds a year”

You can find out more about Cafe Au Cash on facebook https://www.facebook.com/CafeAuCash or twitter https://twitter.com/Cafe_au_Cash

You can also find more about the money for life campaign by going to their website http://www.moneyforlifeprogramme.org.uk/