Dame Anne supports FairFuel UK’s call for cut in fuel duty

Aberdeen South MP Dame Anne Begg joined Quentin Willson and his FairFuelUK team in the House of Commons on Monday afternoon 4th March to add her voice to the call for a better deal on petrol & diesel taxation in the forthcoming Budget.

Quentin Willson and Dame Anne Begg MP
Quentin Willson and Dame Anne Begg MP

Dame Anne said, ‘I have been contacted by a number of my constituents who support FairFuelUK’s campaign and I know how seriously rising fuel and energy prices are affecting households in Aberdeen South, particularly in the current economic climate. Indeed, the Government’s decision to increase VAT to 20% has added around 3p per litre to the price of fuel.

‘I agree that the market should act in the interests of motorists, small businesses and local communities and I know that many people remain concerned that the price we pay at the pump remains high.’

Quentin Willson said, ‘We were delighted to meet with Dame Anne at our Westminster Lobby. Families and businesses are struggling under the dead weight of paying 80p per litre in combined VAT and Fuel Duty. This is hurting families, damaging businesses and holding back growth. Our research shows that high fuel costs are the nation’s Number 1 financial priority. The Chancellor needs to be bold and cut fuel duty in his Budget. A significant cut in Fuel Duty will give the economy the kick start it needs. Much of the perceived loss in revenue will be made up by the tax take from the resultant economic growth. With sterling’s recent fall and rising oil prices the approaching spectre of diesel at £1.60 litre is a nightmare this country simply can’t face.’

FairFuelUK has commissioned research from two nationally respected Think Tanks that clearly shows that a cut in Fuel Duty will boost growth. Here are those two reports and where to read them…

NIESR Report: www.fairfueluk.com/niesr_report.html
CEBR Report: www.fairfueluk.com/cebr.html