Know Your Numbers! Week

Today Dame Anne Begg, MP for Aberdeen South, visited E I Mackie Pharmacy in her constituency to support Blood Pressure UK’s Know Your Numbers! Week.

Dame Anne & Pharmacist Euan Mackie
Dame Anne & Pharmacist Euan Mackie

The campaign aims to raise awareness and encourage everyone to find out their blood pressure numbers. High blood pressure is the UK’s biggest silent killer affecting 16 million people in the UK –one third of which are unaware they are living with the condition. Therefore, Blood Pressure UK is offering the opportunity to get a free blood pressure check within the local community including pharmacies, workplaces, GP surgeries hospitals, health club, leisure centres, shopping centre and supermarkets.

Dame Anne said: “I am supporting Blood Pressure UK’s Know Your Numbers! Week from 16th – 22nd September because each year 120,000 adults in the UK have a heart attack or stroke in which high blood pressure is a key factor – that’s a preventable stroke or heart attack every 4 minutes.

“We all lead busy lives and I know that I usually end up eating a salty snack rather than a piece of fruit. However, it’s never too late to start making small changes to improve our blood pressure and lead a more healthy lifestyle.

“Everyone should know their blood pressure. If you haven’t had your checked in the last year why not take advantage of Blood Pressure UK’s invitation to Know Your Numbers! and find out yours.”

To find your nearest ‘Pressure Station’ for a free check, visit