Challenge Poverty Week 13th-19th October

Dame Anne was delighted to be invited onto Shmu’s Current Affairs Show to discuss the 1st Challenge Poverty Week – a Scotland-wide campaign co-ordinated by the Poverty Alliance designed to show that poverty is a real problem in Scotland, affecting large and growing numbers of people, and to encourage people to work together to end it.

Dame Anne said: “I am delighted to support Scotland’s first Challenge Poverty Week.

“Government decisions can have a real impact on people’s lives. That’s why Challenge Poverty Week is important as it calls on organisations to enter into dialogues with politicians, challenging their preconceptions about poverty and asking them what they are going to do to alleviate it.”

Challenge Poverty Week will draw attention to the issue of poverty through a number of events and you can find out what’s happening locally on their website:

You can also listen again to Shmu’s Current Affairs Show here: