Feed4for5 Team Help People Save Money

Ab col students

Dame Anne recently met with the Feed4for5 team, a group of students from Aberdeen College taking part in the Money For Life challenge which aims to improve money management throughout the UK.

After conducting some research, the team found that the average person spends £1320 on fast food each year. In order to tackle this problem they want to offer cheaper, healthier alternatives which can feed four people for £5. They have built a competition around their project, which invites people to submit their own Feed4for5 recipes to the group’s facebook page, with the most liked recipe receiving a special prize.

Member of the group, Jessica Cook stated: “We chose this particular issue to work with because these are problems that we are growing up with and we want to highlight the issues of saving the environment, putting our money to good use and lowering obesity levels. We want to highlight these to raise awareness essentially and to teach people ways that they can help stop these issues from getting worse. Our main goal is to show people that there are many ways to save money when it comes to food.”

Dame Anne said, ‘I was delighted to meet the Feed4for5 team who are working hard to reduce the amount of fast food which we consume. We all lead hectic lives and I know how easy it can be to be tempted to order a takeaway after a busy day. However, taking part in the Feed4for5 challenge will hopefully show people how cooking from scratch can be cheaper and healthier!”

For recipes, hints, tips and tricks for cheaper, healthier eating, visit their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FEED4for5?ref=stream&hc_location=timeline or follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/4_for_5.