Changes to Disabled Students’ Allowance

DSA Photo
Paul Greene, Anne & Rory MacFarlane

On 6th June, I was delighted to meet with Rory MacFarlane, Vice President for Equal Opportunities at Aberdeen University Student Association (AUSA) and Paul Greene, President of Communication & Democracy at RGU to highlight my support for NUS’s campaign against the Government’s cuts to the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA).

DSA is paid to cover additional expenditure that a student incurs due to a disability. The Government’s cuts would mean that there would be no national scheme and individual higher education institutions would be responsible for delivering a scheme resulting not only in a postcode lottery when it comes to the support provided but also creating a disincentive to universities taken on disabled students.

I have now signed Early Day Motion (EDM) 48,  tabled by David Blunkett, which recognises the importance of ensuring that there is equality of access to education for disabled students wherever they chose to study.