Increasing Number of Working People in Aberdeen Claiming Housing Benefit to Pay Soaring Rent

Today, Dame Anne Begg MP criticised the Scottish and UK Governments for failing to tackle the huge increase in working people claiming Housing Benefit in Aberdeen.

Since 2010, the number of working people claiming housing benefit has increased by 53 per cent across Scotland, costing Scottish taxpayers an extra £256 million. In Aberdeen alone, the number of working people now claiming housing benefit has increased by a staggering 64 per cent.

Dame Anne said “Working people are now on average £1600 a year worse off as wages have fallen while prices have soared. Many people in work can’t get the hours they need, while soaring rent is pushing the cost of housing ever higher.

“The Scottish Government say nothing can be done unless we get a Yes vote, but we know they have the power to build housing now. Instead they put Scotland on hold as they push for separation and it is hard working families who are paying the price.

“The UK Government is equally to blame, saying that ‘work is the best way out of poverty’ yet we know that 52% of families living in poverty have at least one adult in work.

“More must be done to build more houses, and that’s why I’m proud that Labour has committed to building 200,000 houses a year by 2020. Helping to tackle the cost of living crisis and in the process, reduce the benefit bill.”