Let’s Scrap the Bedroom Tax by Christmas

Dame Anne Begg has urged MPs from all parties to back Labour’s attempt to scrap the Bedroom Tax by Christmas. Labour has forced a debate and vote in parliament on Wednesday 17th December on the Bedroom Tax.

Since the Bedroom Tax was introduced around half a million low-income households have been forced to find, on average an extra £700 a year. In Aberdeen South, 419 were caught by this charge and over 1600 in Aberdeen have been hit by the Bedroom Tax.

Dame Anne Begg said;

‘Scottish Labour dragged the SNP kicking and screaming to mitigate the bedroom tax in Scotland but it still harms others elsewhere. David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s government introduced the tax in April 2013 and it’s time for it to go. I hope all MPs from right across the United Kingdom join together and vote to abolish this pernicious tax from these islands’