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Duthie Park re-opening

Dame Anne attended the official re-opening of Duthie Park in Aberdeen South on Sunday. Great weather saw hundreds of Aberdonians flock to the Victorian park, with huge queues showing the popularity of canoes in the boating pond, the new paddle boats in the linked lakes, trips around the park in horses and carts, as well as a brand new adventure play area, the restored mound, local bands making use of the bandstand and the ice cream shop.

Below is a picture of Councillor Neil Cooney, convenor of Housing and Environment committee on Aberdeen City Council, at the opening ceremony.

Cllr Cooney at the official opening
Cllr Cooney at the official opening

Aberdeen South residents get busy saving iconic bee

Bee-lovers have taken over 2213 actions to save bees in Scotland as part of Friends of the Earth’s Bee Cause campaign.

Actions include planting bee friendly seeds, signing petitions and building ‘bee hotels’ to replace lost natural habitat.

A new University of Reading report identifies parts of the Scotland as of key importance to the Great Yellow Bumblebee and highlights the issue of habitat loss in the decline of bees across the region.We Need Our Bees

“It’s amazing,” said Dame Anne, “pardon the pun, but I never thought bees would create such a buzz. It’s great to see people helping the Great Yellow Bumblebee.

“And I’m doing my bit too by asking the Government to introduce a Bee Action Plan to tackle all major causes of bee decline.”

Dame Anne puts renewable energy ‘on the map’ for WWF’s Earth Hour

Aberdeen South MP Dame Anne Begg showed her support this week for energy powered by nature, as part of WWF’s Earth Hour 2013. Members of Parliament were asked to put wind, wave, and solar power symbols on a UK weather map to symbolise the need for more renewable energy – to help protect our planet.


As the lights go out for this year’s Earth Hour, on Saturday 23 March at 8.30pm, people will be asked to show their support for energy that works with the power of nature, not against it.

In the UK we are consuming three times our fair share of the planet’s natural resources. Our reliance on high carbon fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas is overheating the atmosphere and affecting the climate. The future of our planet relies on us moving away from unsustainable energy sources and on to renewable energy.

Dame Anne said: “I am always pleased to support WWF’s Earth Hour as it’s a simple idea that brings together millions of people across the globe who all care about one thing – our planet. I have been delighted to see how many of my constituents from Aberdeen South have already pledged their support this year.

“In the UK, our energy system needs to change and I want wind, wave and solar power to be part of the future. If we are serious about shaping a better future for generations to come, then we need to act now.”

Last year over 7 million people in the UK took part in WWF’s Earth Hour. This unique global phenomenon encourages every corner of the globe to switch off for one hour and includes iconic landmarks such as The Houses of Parliament, the Sydney Opera House and the Taj Mahal.

Darren Shirley from WWF said: “We’ve only got one planet, so it’s vital we do everything we can to protect it. There are important decisions to be made now and we have a choice of either a fossil fuel future or a clean green future. Renewable energy provides an opportunity for the UK and can contribute towards economic growth and create jobs whilst protecting our planet.”

To find out more about WWF’s Earth Hour and register to take part please go to: and join millions of people who are signing up to the big switch off.

Dame Anne supports sustainable fish

Dame Anne visited Sainsbury’s on Friday to encourage customers to continue to broaden their appetite for fish beyond the ‘Big Five’ species of cod, haddock, tuna, salmon and prawns, which currently makes up 80% of all the fish Brits consume.

Paul Davidson Deputy Manager of Sainsburys Garthdee store, Colleen Hendry, Fish Counter Manager and Superintendent Mike Sandison, Mission Area Officer from the Fishermen’s Mission
Paul Davidson Deputy Manager of Sainsburys Garthdee store, Colleen Hendry, Fish Counter Manager and Superintendent Mike Sandison, Mission Area Officer from the Fishermen’s Mission

When a customer asks for one of the Big Five species at the fish counter on ‘Switch the Fish Day’ they can try a lesser known alternative for free. The launch builds on the success of Sainsbury’s first ‘Switch the Fish Day’ in 2011 which saw sales of fish soar by 12% across fish counters on the day.

Dame Anne said: “I eat quite a lot of fish and enjoy eating a range of varieties when they are offered in a restaurant. However, when it comes to me buying fish for me to cook myself, I am guilty of sticking to probably only half a dozen species.

“That’s why I am delighted to support Sainsbury’s and their campaign to encourage customers to choose sustainable varieties of British fish. I am also looking forward to learning some new recipes from staff on the fish counter.”