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MP Calls for Resolution to ‘Torry Pong’

MP for Aberdeen South, Dame Anne, has called on Scottish Water to find a resolution to the longstanding odour problems in Torry.

Dame Anne Begg has written to Scottish Water’s Chief Executive Douglas Millican supporting the request from Torry Community Council to commission Professor Robert Jackson, a leading expert in waste water management, to find a lasting solution to eliminate the odour.

Dame Anne Begg said: “I have been aware of the odour problem associated with the Waste Water Treatment Works for many years and, despite the many reassurances that the issue will be resolved, to date nothing has achieved a lasting solution.

“The residents of Torry have been extremely patient while Scottish Water investigate the cause of the odour. I think they’re patience should now be rewarded by a clear commitment from Scottish Water to ensure that this issue is solved once and for all.”