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Visit to Gourdon’s Maggie Law Maritime Museum

Last month, Dame Anne visited the Maggie Law Maritime Museum in Gourdon to see the work that is being done to make the visitor attraction more accessible to wheelchair users. As the historic building is on two storeys – and with an external staircase – it is not possible for wheelchair users to access the first floor. In order for wheelchair users to ‘experience’ the second storey of the building, a special ‘armchair tour’ has been developed on a laptop that can be used either downstairs or in the visitor’s car.

Additionally, the museum has purchased two special mobility scooters to allow visitors in wheelchairs to travel on terrains that they would not normally be able to go on and enjoy nearby coastal walks with friends and family.

Dame Anne said: “Nowadays, attractions that would struggle to make properties accessible to wheelchair users can be more creative in their approach. It doesn’t always mean using a lift or ramp: there are other ways to think outside the box.”

Maggie Law Maritime Museum
Maggie Law Maritime Museum