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FareShare food drive – at Sainsbury’s this weekend – “Help Feed Those In Need”

This morning Dame Anne helped out at her local Sainsbury’s for the FareShare food drive initiative taking place across stores this weekend.

Customers are encouraged to buy one or more extra item(s) on top of their normal shopping list and to then donate it when leaving the store by placing it in the big green container at the door. These donated goods are then distributed across local food poverty charities, like Instant Neighbour in Aberdeen.

Customers just need to select and buy a product to donate and to help, they are given a example shopping list – including tinned soups, pastas and instant coffee. These food parcels can be a life-saver for those who are left for periods of time without enough food to feed their family.

Sainsbury’s are matching all donations. So if you donate two bags of pasta, Sainsbury’s also donates two bags of pasta.

The campaign runs until the end of Sunday.

Dame Anne said: “I am encouraging anyone who can to head down to their local Sainsbury’s to make use of this opportunity to donate to FareShare and make a real difference to their local community.”

FareShare Sainsburys Garthdee
FareShare Sainsbury’s Garthdee